Database Development

We build databases and data warehouses



he world we live in today is run by data. Strategic decisions rely on the data that the business can gather and analyse in order to gain the competitive advantage. Gathering and storing data can sometimes be a complex and painstaking exercise. We build custom database solutions for any size business tailored to your specific needs.

Each database is built to allow centralised access, easy to use, and secure. Users can access information the data around the clock and see only the data that you have given them permissions to access.

We work with a variety of technologies and tools that ensure that the job of storing and managing your data is easy as well as being secure. Do have a reporting need? Our process takes care of your reporting needs as well.

Skills and competencies

SQL Sever Development / 100
MySQL Database Development / 90
Microsoft Access / 100
Automated Reporting / 80
Database Architecure / 95
Database Development Lifecycle / 100
Data Analysis / 95