We do custom development!



ur consulting services provide an impartial view of your organisation’s technology and management landscape that allows you to make the necessary adjustments to optimise the use of your systems. Typically, we like to sit down with you over that cup of coffee that we so thoroughly enjoy. This is the part where we get to know you, your organisation and the outcomes you hope to achieve.

A detailed analysis on your strategy, technical objectives, audits, processes, current systems, etc helps us to begin to craft solutions that meet your requirements. We then present possible solutions and like to bounce our ideas off of your technical and strategic teams before tackling the implementation stage.

Our ultimate goal is to craft solutions that increase the performance and business impact of your IT investments with a review/investigation, depending on your business needs, of the areas listed below.

Skills and competencies

Software development lifecycle management / 100
IT project rollout and project management / 90
Architecture and design audits and guidance / 85
Business analysis / 100
IT process and service gap analysis / 90
Technology management / 75
Training and skills management / 90
Change control and risk management / 85
Research and IT systems advisory / 80